“Anastasia helped us choose paint colors, furniture, drapery, and rugs for our newly remodeled flat. Her taste is exquisite, clean and modern but not cold, and while her choices sometimes pushed us outside our comfort zone, we could always communicate well with her and in the end we were thrilled with the results.”


Anastasia did a great job on our remodel of the entire front half of our home. She listened to what our needs were and beautifully interpreted what style, color scheme matched our likes. We now have a lovely, functional yet warm/stylish home office, a redone living room that we now use more than any other room (previously we were never in it as it was not a room that was attractive) and a great entry room + stairs. Her follow up and communication are exemplary. Anastasia not only has a good eye and lovely taste but she also has great connections with industry partners that allow a project to be done efficiently. My family and I cannot be happier. She is a true artist along with having great customer interface/ service. She was very clear on price points as well as timing on all parts of our project. We continue to work with her on the exterior of our home and are excited to see the big difference her touch will make there too.


Anastasia is A+ & I would work with her again for sure. I did not know her at all prior to this engagement together. I run a venture capital firm from my home office. The business is scaling, and Anastasia designed my home office for scale – optimized for both function and design. She managed all the vendors. She included me and my wife in the process. She had a vision and listened to ours – somehow married both naturally. She is a real artist, while also pragmatic in business. Her level of attention to detail was important and her project management skills (+ experience / network) provided a sense of trust, comfort, and successful completion. I would recommend her to my best friends / family, and I feel very lucky to have worked with her.


…Not only did Anastasia have the vision, she also was key in helping us successfully execute it. On our own, we would have chosen much bolder and brighter colors. She steered us toward neutrals, to combat the varying styles and wood colors of our furniture, and the clutter of our children’s stuff. She was absolutely right! In addition, she helped us select new furniture that was stylistically complimentary of what we already had, and gently steered us away from some of our existing furniture that didn’t fit so well. Not only does our home look much better than it did before Anastasia came into our lives, but I feel like I’ve learned a tremendous amount by working with her.

Finally, despite the fact that we were a relatively small-time client (the bulk of our project was done within a couple of months, with some follow-up after the arrival of new furniture), Anastasia was always quick to respond to emails and texts, and always made us feel like a priority.


Anastasia is a thoughtful and creative designer. She has such good taste. I love how each of her designs is unique and reflects the best blend of the client’s wishes and Anastasia’s ideas. I love that she sources locally made furniture, fixtures and art. She always treats her vendors with the utmost respect and is gentle throughout the whole process. Each client gets Anastasia’s full attention and the results are always superb. Love her!


Anastasia is so wonderful to work with. She has amazing taste, creativity and very high standards for her work. She was very conscious of creating the space that reflected my style and my budget. She is so kind and cares very much about her clients and her work.


have had the pleasure of collaborating on many projects with Anastasia Faiella in the course of our professional relationship of over 10 years. She is smart, insightful, has a great sense of color, proportion, and design esthetic. She is also a very talented fine artist…and that ability is evident in her interior design success.


… After reviewing ideas on Houzz & meeting with Anastasia at a design center, she quickly understood & captured what I was seeking. There were many, many decisions to make in a project this large, however, most were (for me) easy to make as Anastasia had narrowed the choices to ones that fit the concept. She obsessed about the details so I didn’t have to.

She works with firms that do high quality work – we included some custom made furniture, cabinets and some decorative paint and window treatments and all turned out beautifully. She also worked closely with the contractor to oversee work and handle details.

The project was more expensive than I expected to spend – however, my fault in not providing a set budget up front. At times I asked Anastasia to look for less expensive options and she readily did so. When you hire Faiella Design, you hire Anastasia – while she has a couple part time interns who help, she does all the design work.


I have worked with Anastasia for close to ten years and collaborated with her on numerous interiors projects, providing custom furniture ranging from coffee tables to media cabinets to built-in storage pieces.

In addition to having a warm and friendly personality and being a very talented designer, what stands out for me is Anastasia’s ability to bring the best out of her collaborators – which ultimately leads to a superior product for the client.

Ultimately, interior design is a collaborative process, and having the knowledge, skill, resources, and personality to successfully bring a design vision to life is the mark of a very good designer. Anastasia has these in spades.


Anastasia Faiella did an outstanding job. She is talented, flexible and a pleasure to work with. From the initial consult right through the completion of our extended project, Anastasia provided her opinion(s), gave us several options and listened to our concerns, finding creative solutions where needed. She presented a range of price points for each piece of our project and always did an excellent job – she focused on tiny details when needed but was equally capable in achieving a beautifully-orchestrated room. In fact, our entire home now flows. We highly recommend Anastasia and could not be more happy with her work.


“…having Anastasia in my corner has been a perfect partner to get the project completed.”


Let’s design something beautiful, modern, and timeless.